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                Best-in-Class Solutions for Food & Beverage Supply Chains

                Resources / Best-in-Class Solutions for Food & Beverage Supply Chains

                Best-in-Class Solutions for Today’s Food & Beverage Supply Chains


                TITLE: Best-in-Class Solutions for Today’s Food & Beverage Supply Chains

                DATE: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

                TIME: 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

                DURATION: 40 minutes


                Consumer expectations in the food and beverage industry are changing. Shoppers expect convenience and a robust selection of product options. As the marketplace continues to evolve, you need a lead logistics provider with industry expertise, who understands these challenges, and can build unique supply chain solutions.

                Industry challenges you may be facing:

                • Meeting consumer demand for product variations
                • Increasing shipment visibility throughout the supply chain
                • Delivering product to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities
                • Understanding the impact of retail compliance programs

                How can you address this challenge and improve your supply chain efficiency?

                Join C.H. Robinson’s panel of supply chain experts for this webinar, where they will be discussing current industry trends, marketplace dynamics, and how to navigate logistics challenges.

                You will learn:

                • Best-in-class solutions for controlling your spend without sacrificing speed
                • Technology-driven strategies for managing your supply chain visibility
                • Several strategic advantages to working with a reliable 3PL


                Gina Garven
                Vice President, Commercial Development & Analytics
                Robinson Fresh

                Todd Bernitt
                Vice President, Managed Services
                Robinson Fresh

                Linus Kalenze
                Vice President, North American Consolidation
                C.H. Robinson

                Mark Petersen
                Vice President, Temperature Controlled Transportation
                C.H. Robinson