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                Building on our long history of supporting our communities, the company created the C.H. Robinson Foundation to expand our impact on the organizations and causes that matter most to our people. Since then, C.H. Robinson and the Foundation have given over $23 million to charitable organizations.

                foundation grants

                The Foundation awards grant dollars to a variety of organizations that help strengthen the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and communities in greater Minnesota. Our giving priorities support organizations that offer employee engagement opportunities and focus on programs that:

                • Expand educational success for at-risk youth
                • Prevent hunger and provide food assistance
                • Expand and improve access to affordable housing
                • Support immediate living needs for people in crisis
                • Focus on health research, prevention, and treatment

                You can learn more about eligibility requirements and how to submit a letter of inquiry in our Frequently Asked Questions.

                Beyond these priorities, the Foundation also supports employees’ philanthropic interests through charitable match programs. These programs have impacted hundreds of organizations around the country.

                grant program

                scholarship programs

                Growth and learning are very important to C.H. Robinson and our people. That's why we're proud to offer two annual scholarship programs—the Employee Scholarship Program for employees and their children, and the Truckload Contract Carrier Scholarship Program to help our contract carriers and their children—to help people pursue their undergraduate degrees.

                Find complete program eligibility and application information for both of these programs on our scholarship website. The program is administered by Scholarship America and applications are accepted starting at the beginning of January through February 15 each year.

                employee hardship fund

                The C.H. Robinson Employee Hardship Fund was established to give financial assistance to employees in times of need. When tragedy strikes or crisis is unavoidable, our employees come together to help each other in a meaningful way.


                C.H. Robinson has offices around the world, and each office participates in its own charitable giving programs locally or regionally. If you are seeking funding for an organization outside of Minnesota, please contact us at a CommunityRelations@chrobinson.com for more information.


                To learn more about our Foundation, please contact us by email or phone: foundation@chrobinson.com or +1-952-683-3255.